New Standart Housing

The project is the winner in the competition of new architectural concepts for the central type of housing


Architecture, Concept




DOM RF, KB Strelka


Concept 2018



Total place area

Space efficiency


Winners in International competition for a new standart housing in Russia, 2018


The concept suggests three types of buildings: a Tower, a Gallery and a Section. All of them can be located in one block, united by a stylobate. The main goal of the project is to develop a constructor of these buildings to assemble universal solutions for any location.

The project presents 20 different typologies of apartments, from a studio to a 4-room apartment, created with a focus on the UX-experience of future users. They are based on a flexible technical module that allows to create solutions and layouts for different types of households.

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A special emphasis is placed on creating a rich infrastructure of the quarter: gardens in the courtyards, recreation spaces, integrated parking areas, schools, and kindergartens in buildings. In combination with residential blocks, these objects complement the comfortable life inside the block.

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