Gostinny Dvor THEKEY

The reconception project of the historical part of Gostiny Dvor as a multifunctional office space.

The project involved the transformation of a 15,000 m² abandoned building in the center of Moscow into a universal object with respect for the history of the place


Renovation, Concept, Interior design, Office


Moscow, Ilinka Street


LLC Ilinskoe Podvorie


Concept 2019



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The concept is to preserve the spirit of the architectural monument as much as possible, to harmoniously combine the Russian style with modern minimalism. We offered to restore the arched openings, the original shutters, and the floor coverings in the form of paving tiles. Thanks to the rough textures and wood in the interior, the space turned out to be a chamber and more like a museum than usual office space.

We examined every inch of the building — it has a complex multi-level structure and arches inside. From the previously unsuitable spaces, it was possible to build a convenient logistics and create a layout with a coefficient of more than 70% of useful areas.

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