Ostozhenka THEKEY

The bureau rethought and relaunched a vacant building with an area of 2,000 m² in the center ofMoscow. Office and recreational spaces were created on all of its 6 floors, with a total capacity of 200 people. The 1st floor greets with a cafe, a reception, a kitchen, and a large flexible event space. Workplaces, lounge areas and meeting rooms are located on the rest of the floors. The top floor offers a bar, a coworking space, and an equipped roof overlooking the historical city center.


Renovation, Interior design, Office


Moscow, Ostozhenka Street


LLC Falcon Limited


Built 2020



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The project embodies the most relaxed space as opposed to a standard office. We painted the walls with a milky white tint, used light wood textures and tables and chairs in natural beige hues. To add contrast, we introduced bright dominants — a crimson cafe-bar on the 6th floor and technical rooms painted in blue. The project was run during the pandemic, so sanitary standards were our top priority: antistatic floors in bathrooms, air disinfection systems, and conceptually convenient placement of sanitizers all over the building.

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