Bookshop Strelka X

The pop-up book store was opened in May 2019 in honor of the decade of the iconic institute and bar


Interior design, Temporary space


Moscow, Bersenevskaya Embankment


Strelka Institute


Built 2019



Total place area

Space efficiency

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Initially, the project was planned as a summer temporary space where  customers could buy Strelka Press books, posters, and branded merchandise. Now it serves as a meeting room at the Strelka Institute.

Specially for the project, an installation of 30 iconic posters by Strelka Institute and bar was created. It is assembled along the perimeter of the entire cubic room, from the floor to the ceiling. The posters covered not only the entire walls, but also all the technical protrusions: smoke detectors, ventilation, etc. We have also developed custom furniture in monochrome red. 

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