AUDI A6 Pavillion

Exhibition space for the flagship Audi store in Moscow


Interior design, Temporary space


Moscow, Nikolskaya Street




Built 2018



Total place area

Space efficiency

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The project was carried out exclusively for the new Audi A6 presentation in a flagship store in Moscow. It is a premium car, so we created a concise business class space that was intended for closed pre-screenings of the car for a very limited VIP-audience, customers, and dealerships.

The entire space was divided into two rooms. The first is a meeting point for guests and a comfortable waiting room. In the second space there was an interactive exhibition with a new Audi A6 car. Only one person could be in it at a time. After going to the lounge area, he was left alone with the car: a light show and a 6-minute presentation of the Audi A6, combined with a set of snacks and cocktails, began.

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