Рус — People spends 90% of their lifes indoors. Premises and facilities are the work of architects and designers

Info by Well Living Lab Statistics in Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Epoxy Apratments — 2020

We developed algorithms and behavior scenarious that allowed us to design offices and coworkings with optimal use of the workspace

Archifellows together with a network of smart workspaces TheKey conducted a joint study.

Over the course of 2 years, they collected data on the spatial movements and actions of employees during the workday at 8 different workspaces with a total area of morethan 

13 000 m2.

Based on the algorithms of data collection, analysis developed during the research, and the accumulated behavioural statistics, they were able to achieve the most efficient use of the working areas.

The algorithms are the intellectual property of AB Archifellows

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